Deanne Dawe

Rustic Rag Rugs by Deanne
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About The Member

I learned how to make rugs from my Grandmother when I was a little girl. Sitting at the kitchen table by the wood stove at her home in Clarke's Beach, NL. I would help her tear up old dresses or sheets and even use pantyhose to make what she called a rag rug. I was fascinated by how she would recycle old materials and turn them into something pretty to lay on the floor. Nan passed away in 1997. I was just a teenager. As I got older, I decided one day to try to make a rug as she did. I didn't have her to watch or remind me how to make it, but to my surprise, once the fabric was in my hand it all came flowing back to me. I like to believe she is guiding and standing next to me. I now make rugs using many different techniques that Nan taught me and some I have learned on my own. I can make braided rugs, Amish toothbrush rugs, and rugs using a loom. It has become my passion.

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