Jonathan White

The White’s Emporium
351 Main Street
A0g 4m0
Tel (Bus): 
About The Member

The Whites’ Emporium was created on a whim in September, 2019. An overflowing collection of sea glass, combined with artistic desire, lead to the creation of a small product line. Positive feedback and increased sales encouraged further development using different mediums—mainly driftwood, canvas and acrylic paint. Our breakthrough piece “The Mother”, a driftwood Humpback mother and calf, was introduced in May, 2020, and helped our company grow exponentially throughout the summer. Our family relocated to Twillingate in September 2020, and after deciding to make The Whites’ Emporium our primary career, we have not looked back. Our pieces since then have been numerous, and we have used many different mediums to create our wall art. Although known primarily for our Humpback whales, we have been quite busy expanding our portfolio, which is focused mainly on common NL themes. We look forward to the future, as we continue to express our creativity and to cement our signature mixed-media style. ~ Jon & Elizabeth White

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