Nicole Travers

Blomidon Beadwork
228 little Port Road
PO Box 198
Lark Harbour
A0L 1H0
Tel (Bus): 
About The Member

Born and raised in the small hamlet of Little Port, Elmastukwek (Bay of Islands), Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland), Nicole Travers is a Mi’kmaw artist, mother, and steward of the land and water. A self-taught artist whose creativity was sparked by old style bead work found in museums, Nicole has been dedicated to learning traditional Mi’kmaw styles of bead work since 2015. After years of cultivating a deep connection with her Indigenous roots, the influence of the traditional Mi’kmaq double curve, petroglyphs and hieroglyphs is apparent in her work as she marries historical styles of bead work with modern day techniques into contemporary form. Most recently, Nicole has begun to tan various animal pelts and skins into leather using traditional teachings and now utilizes home tanned fish skin in her art, creating sought after unique pieces. Nicole has been sharing her skills through workshops and one-on-one teaching sessions for several years and her small business, Blomidon Beadwork, has earned her recognition in the fine arts community. In 2020 she was awarded the Ulnooweg Cottage Crafters Award, as well as a residency in Cross Currents Artist in Residence at Fogo Island Arts, Summer 2021. Nicole’s work was recently featured on the cover of the Riddle Fence Spring 2021 issue. “Because we are always evolving as who we are as individuals, learning, experiencing, and growing; my artwork is a representation of who I am at this specific point in time, including my knowledge of traditions and culture.”