Katherine Walters

The Knitted Raven
16 Mercer Street
PO Box 138
Bell Island
A0A 4H0
(709) 769-8163
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About The Member

In 2018, a health crisis changed my life and my former business, The Purple Raven Boutique, was forced to close. And I lost an integral piece of myself. While my health continues to be a challenge, once a maker, always a maker! The Knitted Raven was born in early 2021 as an attempt to reclaim a piece of myself. I make what I can, as my health permits. The Knitted Raven specializes in hand knitted jewelry, specifically brooches, shawl pins and stick pins, made from bronze, copper, sterling silver and gold-filled wire; wire knitting tutorials and knitting patterns for beginning knitters. From time to time I may make other pieces of jewelry or have handknit pieces for sale in the "Other Everyday Luxuries" section of my shop. Because of my ongoing health issues, quantities will be limited and The Knitted Raven will be an online business exclusively. My two "outlets" will be my Etsy Shop for my handmade jewelry and knitting patterns and my YouTube Channel for wire knitting and jewelry tutorials. To find me on other social media, check the "Where to Find Me" page on my website: