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About The Member

My jewellery designs are inspired by the anatomical complexities of the human body; the branching patterns of the circulatory system, the striations of muscle fiber and all the otherintricacies. I enjoy uniting these organic lines with smooth geometric shapes. I work mainly insterling silver, often incorporating resin, which is a material that I take great joy inexperimenting with. I love mixing colours, layering it with texture and finding all the ways it canenhance the forms of my jewellery. My work has evolved from painting, to tableware to jewellery. Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, I began studying at NSCAD University, following my affinity for painting but changed paths once I realized my love for metal. After completing my studies, I moved to Edmonton in 2006 and worked under the mentorship of a veteran goldsmith for 5 invaluable years. During this time I worked towards developing my work into what it is today. I have since set up my own small studio in Edmonton and have been working there ever since.