Wrapped/Trapped Memories

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Hannah Rothschild
About This Event

Inspired by spiders and caterpillars fibre creations, Hannah Rothschild's meticulous hand wrapping technique invites a dialogue with nature and self. Encapsulated Moments is a 2m x 2m suspended dome shaped fibre sculpture composed of hundreds airy cocoons. Each line is a trace of the artist's movement, repetitive wrapping while trapping her memories. The individual cocoon and the space created by their grouping invites an exploration of boundaries. Inside, outside and the walls between them. Is it a safe space or a trap? "I have been curious to identify the shape of my inner "self". What is intrinsic me and what is external? What is the membrane that separates them? What is this elusive self? Guided buy my work as a therapist with survivors of trauma I’ve been drawn to weave and wrap moments, thoughts, memories and time into fragile three-dimensional capsules. Placing them together created an organic hiding place where one is invited to explore their own notions of "me, self, spirit, inner being…". The second sculpture Log Spirit 3m x 50cm is a three-dimensional fibre sculpture (designed to be displayed horizontally). This work evolved from distraction of the cocoons from the sculpture Encapsulated Moments and then reconstruction of their fibre into a different form of shell, skin or cover. The Log Spirit fibre sculpture was moulded over a large driftwood the artist found at the shore of Lake Ontario and symbolizes the decay and transformation over time. The tracing of the old and creation of a new. This exhibition was supported by the Ontario Arts Council through their grant programming.

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