The Tempest - A World In Costume

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Tucker Ellis
About This Event

Working with Perchance Theatre and looking to meld our local, lively, and evolving craft and theatre communities, the world of “The Tempest” has allowed Tucker Ellis to design some unique textile costume pieces that have been approved and enthusiastically invited to show at The Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Annex Gallery The gallery show is composed of the costumes of the four magical island characters from William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. When we are invited into the world of the island, it is clear who belongs and who does not. Folks of the island (whether they were born, created, or have lived there long enough) become consumed by it. It is magical, organic and constantly growing. This idea of connectedness is conveyed through an electrical coral and lace lichen motif that will be echoed throughout. The pieces will be heavily hand embellished with fabric manipulation, heavy beadwork, embroidery, quilting, dye and painting.

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