Empty Table

Fibre Installation
Mixed Media
Kristen Piercey
About This Event

"My empty table has been crafted with every ounce of love and tenderness I have, but it has fought me for years. And it will continue to fight me until we are swallowed whole by the Earth. It is ungrateful, it is angry, it is desolate, it is vicious, it holds the upper hand. But I am the only thing it has." Within this exhibition Piercey has created doilies collages with an inclusion of small amounts of text, sourced from her own writing. These pieces will be completely black. The concept is focused on living with an incurable chronic condition both during the pandemic as well as pre and post pandemic. The hardships that are felt on a consistent basis and constantly carrying the weight of sporadic and intolerable pain/symptom flares will be the main focus, as Piercey is actively trying to voice the constant struggles and mistreatment she feels regularly that is unacknowledged, under appreciated, and under researched. Piercey hopes to have an exhibition that gives a voice to the spoonless.

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