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Removing barriers is the way to create an environment that will give equal opportunities for the population as a whole. Integration, respect, adaptability and challenging stereotypical portrayals can and will generate a healthy change in attitudes. Accessible spaces and works early on the curatorial design process has been the primary focus of Sensorius: Where The Skin Meets The Eye. Every accessible program has the potential to inspire, welcome and develop a safe space for all public that will result in an open conversation about art and contemporary craft reducing the anxieties that stem from beginning a new experience in a “foreign” place --- Alex Antle (NL -CA) / Ashleigh Downey (IRE) / Five Island Rug Hooking group (NL -CA) / Jade Yumang (PH/ BC-CA/US) / Janet Peter (NL - CA) / Jennifer Young (NL -CA) / Joanne B Kaar (SCT) / June Walker (NL-CA) / Kelly Bruton (NL- CA) / Laura Kenney (NS -CA) / Sarah Albu (QC-CA)

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