Functionally Beautiful

CURATED BY Bruno Vinhas
About This Event

Functionally Beautiful is an opportunity to break down the fine lines between works that are solely functional and those who are exclusively aesthetic pleasing. Playing along those lines, we are looking for submissions of one-of-a-kind pieces to celebrate 30 years of the Clay Studio & Ceramics Education centre. We often think of art as objects to look at, not touch. A gallery exhibition often comes with the concept of aesthetic pleasing pieces to ornament a home but not to be used. With ceramics, the overlap between function and aesthetic grabs the attention of the viewer as a work of art that can be used in our daily lives. Numerous notable artists have created phenomenal works of functional art throughout their careers. Motivated by a desire to bring their two-dimensional works into three-dimensional form, or by the tactility and practicality of creating usable artworks, the resulting pieces have become tokens of admiration. Each piece for this exhibition embraces imperfections, asymmetry, indentation, and other handmade quality intentionally preserved to bring hand built energy into the creative space. When planning the pieces, each artist is considering not only the notions of functionality but also the beauty brought through. This exhibition extends the Gallery and Clay Studio’s mission by showcasing current relevant and diverse practices in fine and contemporary craft in the province focusing on the field of ceramics. This exhibition provides a spotlight on the breadth of work currently being made that utilizes clay as a featured material. It is our hope that this exhibition will connect all users of the Clay Studio (emergent and established makers), and will include some of the best sculptural, traditional and/or experimental work being created today. And it has been made possible through the Jean Chalmers Prize / Canada Council for the Arts.

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