Cryptic Dimensions: Artist in Residence Exhibition

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Nasim Makaremi Nia
About This Event

My work aims to challenge gender discrimination and censorship of women's bodies. I am using animal symbols to critique censorship of the body and sexual aspects of human life. In my process, I am suddenly challenged by the meaning of the land. As an immigrant, the themes and ideas that were inspired by my Iranian background are finding new meaning in relation to the new land I am living on. By exploring my living experience in Iran, I find that my artwork mixes my understanding of the place with what I now call home. I question, am I lost? As an immigrant woman, I understand that things changed for me with airplanes; when my childhood, my mom and mother tongue were behind me. Things changed for me with how the bread tasted while I was homesick, and things changed for me with the meaning of long distances, which my friends summarized on my phone. But I denied all of them! I check Iran's news every day because I am stuck in my background and cannot deny my connection between the places I call home. I ask myself, which one is more effective in my life? My personal experience as a woman in Iran or my personal experience as an immigrant artist in Newfoundland.

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