Craft Lab Program - Connie Morey - Project Homesick

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Connie Michele Morey
About This Event

Project Homesick explores the displacement of people from their homes due to mismanagement of primary resources and labour. Through performative sculptures made of reclaimed wood and repurposed wool blankets (documented through large-scale photography and video), I explore displacement as a form of social homesickness, an ecological disconnection of the self-community-earth. Project Homesick involves on-site performances engaging the body with sculpture, including works such as Labour, Weight, Insecurity Blankets, and Roof (Over My Head). For Roof (Over My Head), I have been travelling both the east and west coasts of Canada with a portable collapsible roof over my head to document displaced/resettled village and labour sites related to fishing, mining and logging industries. The research began as a Canada Council Research & Creation grant and has grown into a larger project that will continue over the next two years with me returning to Newfoundland to extend my research, create new performative pieces, complete a video, and continue documentation that will focus on issues of displacement.

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