Catching Collectives

Vicky Northey
About This Event

Sometimes when we say a few words, our message isn't entirely understood. There are lots of reasons why. One reason has to do with the actual words themselves. The word is misunderstood because it can have different meanings in different contexts. Some can be used as a noun or as a verb. Take for example the word “branches.” When we think of a tree having branches, the word is a noun. When a road branches off from the highway then the word is used as a verb. We understand the meaning by seeing the word in context. Contexts change and that's when we must be alert to the entire phrase. In thinking about phrases that can have different meanings although using the same group of words, I want to look specifically at collective nouns. In this show Northey explores these collective nouns and how these words can create different images in our minds when they have alternate and multiple uses. Sometimes they create humorous situations. Imagine a pod of whales as all lined up in a pea pod. Or a bed of oysters smuggled under the bed clothes in a four-poster bed.

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