Artist in Residence: Anita Singh

Mixed Media
Anita Singh
About This Event

Anita Singh will be constructing a dining/living room setting with a table, chairs, side table, cozy chair(s), lamp, plants...etc., covered from head to toe, predominately in varying tonal ranges of oranges and greens. She is creating bold retro designs, inspired by the shapes, colors, patterns, and textures found in NL plants and animals such as; bunch berries, hawkweed, lichens, corals, molluscs and seaweeds. These designs will become repeated silk-screened patterns of yardage on fabrics and papers, to create wallpapers, canvas floor mats, a table cloth, curtains, place mats, napkins, throw pillows, ceramic plates, cups, bowls, planters, framed printworks, and some colorful trippy sculptures. The furniture is re-purposed, reupholstered, and painted. The window will have a stained glass look, using colored transparencies or printing onto sheer fabrics and/or translucent papers. All the ceramic work will be decorated with silk screened underglaze transfers, making all the objects similar with color and design.

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