Arctic Circle Project

Fibre Installation
Stephanie and Sarah Joy Stoker
About This Event

In April 2023 Sarah Joy Stoker was part of The Arctic Circle – Residency for Art and Science. A self – directed residence sailing aboard the tall ship Antigua, the two-week journey led them to some of the most isolated areas in the high arctic, navigating around the west coast of Svalbard to reach beyond 80 degrees latitude, nearing the North Pole. Her intention was to put herself in this environment to, through her art practice, draw more attention to the climate crisis, continuing colonization, and the dire, urgent attention everyone should be paying. She engaged her sister Stephanie to create weaves for her to bring to use in the art making. Using silk, hand-dyed red, Stephanie made an obvious call to life, and death. For Sarah, the red is an alert, a call for extreme caution and action, an alarm, a warning, a distress call, an EMERGENCY – blood, life, fire, passion, hearts, anger, violence, urgency. This exhibition is focused on the weaves created by Stephanie for this project. Their creation was supported in part by the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, ArtsNL, and the Canada Council for the Arts. A full exhibition of the work from this Arctic project of Sarah’s is in development and we hope will be presented to the public soon.

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