Arctic Circle Project

Fibre Installation
Stephanie Stoker
About This Event

In April of 2023 Sarah Joy Stoker will travel to the Arctic Circle as part of their residency expedition, doing research through installation, movement, and video, photographic and sound gathering. While there, Stoker, “with feet on the ice of glaciers”, will create space for engagement in how to use our collective voices, spirits, and three-dimensional power to create space and time for shared dialogue and sentiment, support, and exchange of experience, to instigate introspection and deeper discussion and action around rights, responsibilities, choice, love, stewardship, justice, and freedoms. Within this, Stephanie will create two multi-layered woven structures which Sarah will explore on the ice, molding them around her body, leaving her human form, entering, and abstracting them. This exhibit will present the woven pieces, photo-imagery and Sarah’s exploration and video of her time in the north.

"LAB" Gallery
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