Annual Member Exhibition - Summer Edition

Mixed Media
About This Event

Craft has always been an innovative and integral part of this country’s history, and we at The Craft Council Gallery seek to celebrate craft in all its diversity and beauty. The Gallery champions contemporary fine craft and embraces diverse materials, techniques, and approaches. From decorative to sculptural, craft varies with each maker, and is changing every day. During the opening reception we will present the 2022 Award for Excellence in Fine Craft. Featuring works by: Anastasia Tiller | Ashley Hemmings | Barry Buckle | Celeste Cobourne | Charissa reeves | Christine Koch | Debbie Lee | Diana Dabinett | Elijah Garrard | Jennifer Morgan | Jennifer Young | Joan Foster | Joanne Moores | Kate Thornhill | Kimberly Clarke | Libby Osmond Guy | Marjorie Colman-Sadd |Michael Harlick | Maxine Ennis | Michelle Churchill | Mitzi Pappas Smyth | Rachel Ryan | Randall Maggs | Renee Holloway | Ruby Beaumont | Shawn O'Hagan | Sonja Riikonen | Susan Furneaux | Teresa Kachanoski | Wanita Normore Powell

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