All The bathrooms I bathed In

Rug Hooking
Fibre Installation
Larry Weyand
About This Event

" My gender-neutral body feels caught between the confusing spaces of washrooms. To cope, I investigate how I surrender my body. When I bathe, my body feels free, unobstructed by judgement, unobstructed by societal expectations of looks and appearances. I replicate life-sized rug hooked versions of every bathroom I’ve ever bathed in. I’ve showered in many places, but only felt comfortable to bathe in six spaces. This exhibition will house the first two spaces I have taken baths in; one in a teeny-tiny bathroom in a Montreal row house, one in an old wooden cottage on the coast of Maine. As an attempt to address the complex issues around social constructs of beauty and gender, I use rug hooking as a fluffy medium to softly unpack both my gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia. I push the boundary of this traditional craft as a reflection of the boundaries pushed within my own body."

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