Third Place Cocktail Co. Tonic - 227ml

$ 15.00 CAD

Ginger Rose - Ginger Rose was intended to replicate and complement the smokiness, heat, and complexity of small-batch whiskey. Radler - Using fresh citrus zest and juice, as well as a host of other ingredients that add citrus complexity and work well with a good brew, we’ve created a product that turns any bottled lager, pilsner or pale ale into a delicious Radler. Tonic - The Third Place Cocktail Co.’s Tonic represents the elemental flavour components of a truly world class tonic water, intended to accentuate the raw beauty and flavour of gin while adding the bitterness required in a truly civilized Gin and Tonic. Elder Flower - It was unanimous that elderflower needed to be the base for a tonic designed to totally stand-alone against the clean, neutral flavor of vodka. Fresh citrus is zested for every batch (as it is with all The Third Place Cocktail Co. products), and the best Earl Grey tea is combined to add notes of orange, lemon and bergamot. Kola - We started with classic, cola flavors: cinnamon, citrus and vanilla but we put our twist on things to make a product that is both complex and easily drinkable; as refreshing on its own over ice as it is paired with a rich, flavorful rum.