The Hunter Tea Doll by Emily Flowers

$ 285.00 CAD

This beautiful hand-crafted Tea Doll is made with caribou hide, sealskin and rabbit fur. The craftsperson, Emily Flowers was born in Sango Bay, Labrador. She learned to sew when she was about five years old from her mother and grandmother. Later she started painting, tufting and sculpting caribou hair. Emily explains that back then if a family needed a pair of boots or moccasins they had to make them. Luckily for us Emily has continued her artistry. Her attention to fine detail is apparent in everything she creates; she hopes that through her work others will come to know the culture and traditions of the Inuit people. Emily sums it up best when she says “It’s all about my ancestry. I can do it and I enjoy it. It’s a way of life”. This item is available for shipping. For more information on this piece contact our Craft Council Gallery.