Ralph, Flying Hound by Dave Paddon

$ 13.60 CAD

But with all of the things that Ralph had retrieved There was one thing he hadn't got yet. And being the hard-headed fellow he was That's the one thing he just had to get. In the tradition of Robert Service's poetic tall tales, Dave Paddon's Ralph, Flying Hound brings readers a hilarious recitation about a dog that just won't give up. Along with his canine comrades, Ralph chases anything that moves, and usually catches it too. But when his aspirations go skyward, even his four furry friends - Nance, Lucky, Spot 1 and Spot 2 - wonder if Ralph's aiming too high. Will Ralph catch that big orange duck? Will pilot Greg ever get those crazy dogs out of his hair? And how did those mutts end up in the drink?

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