Fisherman Carvings by James Colbourne

$ 160.00 CAD

There are three of these carvings made of whale bone and caribou antler. They are one of a kind but similar in nature and are all priced the same. The sculptor James Colbourne, or “Crow”, as he is known on the Great Northern Peninsula, has lived a nomadic life for 15 years across Canada. He carves the traditional Inuit way of life using whale bone and caribou antler. It is rare to find traditional sculptures in which the initial shape of the bone has been preserved. Some of his sculptures are made with fossilized whale bone (about 100-300 years). The nature of the materials he works with echo the respect that the Inuit people have for the living beings with which they live in harmony. These are not available for shipping due to their delicate parts. For more information on this piece contact our Craft Council Gallery.