Find Your Zen - Using Modern Mishima technique (Handbuilding, Surface Decoration, Intermediate level)

$ 110.00 CAD

Monday evenings, February 21st and 28th, 6:30-9:30 PM


It is often said that making and carving pottery is like a meditation. Drawing zentangles is also a meditative process. This 2-night course will marry Zentangle drawings with pottery so that students may create their very own Zen pot. This workshop will also briefly introduce students to mindfulness and breath work. Calming background music will be part of this workshop… Come be creative and reduce your stress. Instructions to students: participants must be familiar with and have some experience working with clay. Participants must make one or two pots ahead of time and keep it wrapped in plastic at the leather-hard stage. It is also recommended that students become familiar with basic zentangle drawings and practice on paper before the class start date. Required Materials: students will be required to bring along 1 of 2 leather hard pots, 1 inch thick foam to cradle your pot while carving; A stylus tool such as a bamboo skewer, a pottery carving tool, or a carving stylus. If you do not have a tool, there will be some made available at the studio. This course will include underglazes and two extra hours of open studio time if needed to finish your pots. Instructor: Joanne O'Leary