Corporate Team-building Sessions

$ 350.00 CAD

1/2 Day Session - General (Handbuild Plates, Mugs, Cups)

Full Day Session -- Mindfulness (Handbuilding - Getting Grounded with Clay)

Full Day Session -- Mindfulness (Wheel -- Getting Centered with Clay)


The Clay studio offers half day OR full-day corporate team-building sessions focused on building rapport amongst corporate teams. We offer general creative team-building sessions where teams will hand-build a clay piece from start to finish (mug, cups, plates or sculpture) and a more meditative team-building session whereby we incorporate a short meditation into the experience with clay. Working with clay and creating with your hands is a meditation onto itself, but learning about the benefits of meditation and working with clay is a bonus! There are two creative mindfulness workshops offered, "Getting Grounded with Clay" (Handbuilding organic forms) and "Getting Centered with Clay" (using the pottery wheel). The Half-Day Sessions are $350 for up to a group of 8 and the Full-Day sessions are $495 for up to a group of 8 team members.