Colored Clay: Layers Revealed

$ 90.00 CAD

Presented by Craft @ the Edge
Instructor: Naomi Lindenfeld
2-Day Workshop (November 13 + November 20)
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Natural objects with patterned imagery surround us in the environment. You may have some objects that you have collected or you can seek some out at the ocean, the mountains or in your own backyard. These will provide inspiration for making pieces from layered, colored clay. It is an exceptional medium for expressing the beauty of fluid movement, the effects of water and wind that transform shells, rock and wood. You will be guided through wedging stains into porcelain and layering the different colors into a block. By slicing, carving, rolling and pinching, multi-dimensional effects are revealed. The colored clay integrates the designs with functional or sculptural forms, connecting hand with water and earth.Prior experience with clay is helpful but not essential. To complete pieces you will need access to a kiln.