Women Innovators Scale-up and Investment Program

Imaginal Ventures
Submission Deadline:
June 21, 2024
Start Date:
September 11, 2024
End Date:
February 19, 2025
About the Opportunity
For many women-founded and/or led companies in Canada, accessing capital and knowledge at the critical earlier stages of growth can be the difference between creating impact at scale, or delaying company growth. The Women Innovators Scale-up and Investment Program has been created for women innovators who are ready to scale their businesses and are open to an innovative modern way to grow sustainably. These women innovators have raised seed funding and are preparing to raise a Series A round. Raising Series A is highly competitive and requires a different set of skills, knowledge, and expertise. The program is designed to address the challenges facing the transformative phase of growth between seed and Series A funding.
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