VYTYNANKA - Paper Cutting Workshop (In-Person and Virtual)

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About This Event

This is a folk decoration, which means to cut. This class will combine traditional Ukrainian paper-cutting techniques with Newfoundland culture. The best way to enrich yourself spiritually is to engage in and surround yourself with art. Participants will learn how to simply, beautifully, and effectively decorate our homes, create bookmarks, beautiful cards, holiday invitations, etc. The master class includes familiarisation with such concepts as composition, colour, harmony, and understanding of symmetry. We only need a simple pencil, an eraser, colourful paper, scissors, a scalpel, and a cutting mat to create a work of art. This workshop will be held hybrid style, with space in-person at the CCNL Gallery and streamed live for remote attendance. Register at: https://www.craftcouncilnl.ca/product/paper-cutting-workshop-hybrid

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